The Experience

The Red Shoes Experience (aka RSE) is an intimate personal and professional development experience for women who, despite all that they have and all that they know, want something more…… more peace, more wisdom, more success, more connection.

Wanting something more is not selfish!

Wanting something better does not condemn what you have.

Wanting different experiences does not make you ungrateful.

Wanting is the impulse of life. 

Don’t ignore it……..Be guided by it.

The women who are attracted to this work are:

  • Smart – Sophisticated – Professional Woman
  • Businesswomen, authors, artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, coaches, therapists, doctors, teachers and more.
  • Mothers, some single, some married. All are curious about life, love and being a good person.
  • Express concern about the level of conflict and disrespect in their relationships and/or our society.
  • Want to make a difference but they’re not quite sure how.
  • Want freedom to be and do what feels meaningful to them, while still being valued by the people around them.

Does this sound like YOU?  

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Most have sought a perspective on their experiences that is ‘more than just therapy’. They read books on personal development, relationship dynamics, spirituality and consciousness. They appreciate the RSE framework because of its approach, synthesized from physics, spirituality and neuro-psychology.

They say they want to feel alignment between what they’re doing and who they’re being AND they want to be in the company of other smart, creative, thoughtful women who are on the path.

The weekend

Insightful speakers, practical exercises, small group discussions ….maybe even some sword fighting!….will help you apply and embody the counter-intuitive concepts that you’ll learn.

You will leave with leading-edge cognitive and somatic tools for clarifying your emergent Values, collapsing internal blocks like fear, guilt and shame, standing firm in the face of aggression, confidently speaking up for your truth, and effectively selling yourself.

The Speakers

Jolina Karen.

Curiosity, courage, compassion and the ability to connect are key qualities in innovative leadership and successful relationships. Throughout the seminar Jolina weaves in strategies to develop these qualities. By clarifying their authentic internal priorities and collapsing the hurdles to achieving them, participants will develop the confidence to fulfill the values that are calling them forward.

Lisa Dion

Internationally recognized teacher and creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, Lisa is an expert in the neuro-psychology of conflict. She will be leading us through techniques for regulating the nervous system while facing aggression or challenge in order to enhance our ability to negotiate, communicate and navigate our way through stressful interactions.


Summer Deaton

A master sales coach, Summer will teach participants to structure conversations using 3 secrets of successful selling: the power of deep listening, provocative question asking, and the feminine ability to create connections. Like it or not, we are all selling ourselves all the time. Doing it well makes all the difference to our personal and professional relationships.

Gail Skoemann

No need to worry about sitting on your butt for two days! Gail will be helping us access the (often ignored) creative parts of psyches and somas to tease out and integrate the more heady elements of this weekend! Gail brings a unique combination of art and dance process work to the floor, literally! She is a top notch facilitator of calm transformation and pure enjoyment!

The Framework:

Quantum physics, philosophy and axiology combine to form the Red Shoes Experience framework that addresses the flaw in our dominant world view and pop psychology that is unwittingly driving depression, disconnection and feelings of inadequacy. We focus on 5 foundational principles, that will free you from unattainable fantasies and set you up to create more enjoyable, realistic and fulfilling relationships with your family, your colleagues and with yourself.


You are a WOMAN!

A mother, a leader, a healer, a teacher. How you lead your life matters – to everyone!

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