The Speakers

Jolina Karen

Curiosity, Courage, Compassion and the ability to Connect are key qualities of innovative leaders and successful lovers. Jolina teaches a leading-edge perspective on human behavior and counter-intuitive tools for developing these capacities, thus enhancing all personal and professional interactions. She cares deeply about how we do relationships, especially the one we’re having with ourselves.

The Red Shoes Experience is an expression of Jolina’s commitment to sharing insights from the leading edge of a philosophical revolution that affects how we live, love and lead.

Throughout the seminar, participants will learn strategies for developing the key qualities described above .

By clarifying their highest priorities and articulating their goals, women will remove hurdles to success and gain new confidence in leading, loving and living their most fulfilling lives.

With qualifications in Psychology, Sociology, Behavioral Kinesiology and The Demartini Method™ Jolina has conducted workshops in the US, England, South Africa and on-line to share a leading edge framework for profound personal empowerment, relationship mastery and vocational success.

Lisa Dion 

If fear of conflict holds you back from speaking your truth or standing up for yourself, this presentation is just for you.

You may wonder what relevance play therapy could have to your grown up challenges with aggressive bosses, angry kids or uncommunicative spouses. In this interactive experience Lisa will share with us the cutting edge neuro-biological insights and somatic practices that usually only her professional counselor students have access to.

Lisa is the founder and Executive Director of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado and the creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, the first research informed model of play therapy blending neuroscience, attachment theory, nervous system regulation, physics, mindfulness, and authenticity.  She is the author of “Integrating Extremes: Aggression and Death in the Playroom.”  An internationally recognized teacher, clinical supervisor, author, coach, entrepreneur and mother, Lisa is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, a Certified Gestalt Therapist, Parent Educator, Level II EMDR Practitioner and Senior Certified Facilitator of the Demartini Method™. She is funny and fun and wields a mean sword. Be ready to rumble!

 Summer Deaton

Like it or not, we all need to sell. In fact, we’re all selling ourselves all the time. Every time we converse we’re selling our thoughts. However, many of us hold back from conversations in which we fear we won’t be able to easily communicate – ie sell – our perspective, never mind our product or service. We either shut down and say nothing or speed up and yammer. We end up with disconnection, confusion and missed opportunities in both personal and professional relationships.

Knowing what to say, how to say it and when, can reduce your anxiety and open the door for you to create connection and share your gifts plus your products with the world. No manipulation. No sliminess. No seduction necessary.

Summer Deaton will show us how to see sales as an act of love and provide a format for sales conversations that feels authentic and natural, and gets you amazing clients.

Summer is a master sales coach, who has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to master the inner and outer game of sales through her work inside the organizations of top thought leaders, including Lisa Sasevich, Ali Shanti, Martin Fox, and Fabienne Fredrickson. Surprisingly, it’s her decades of experience as a practitioner and executive in the field of restorative justice, years of contemplative study and her dedication to the craft of circle process facilitation that, unintentionally, helped Summer acquired the exact skills necessary to master the art of selling with soul.

Gail Skoemann

No need to worry about sitting on your butt for two days! Gail will be helping us access the (often ignored) creative parts of psyches and somas to tease out and integrate the more heady elements of this weekend!

Gail brings a unique combination of art and dance process work to the floor, literally! Nia and ASTAR trained, Gail has been described as: “a truly gifted teacher – intelligent and powerful; a top notch facilitator of calm transformation and pure enjoyment!  A lovely lovely woman.” Kathy Wolstenholme