What to expect and what to bring

Comfy clothes: This weekend is about having fun, getting real and being authentically you. We’ll be sitting, standing, dancing and perhaps even sword fighting, so wear what you’ll be comfortable in. We will be walking down to the river on Saturday for a picnic lunch (weather permitting). Wear comfy shoes for that and bring a hat. Beaver Run will shuttle anyone who does not want to walk.

Sassy shoes (optional) – red or otherwise. Some of you might want to show off some sassy shoes (I do!) – or any outfit that’s been hidden in your closet for that ‘special occasion’. Friday would be the day to wear them. That said: It is absolutely not necessary to go out and buy fancy footwear or fancy anything. Wear whatever feels good to you.

Socks: All shoes will be coming off as we engage in various activities. Bring socks if you don’t want to be barefoot in the conference room.

Layers: Fall has definitely arrived in the mountains and the morning and evenings are cool. Please bring a light jacket, scarf, socks and walking shoes.

Yoga clothes: in the program I initially suggested morning yoga by the river as an optional activity. Unfortunately it is getting too chilly these days. So, it is with great delight that I can tell you that my sister, a certified NIA instructor, has offered to lead a morning session of NIA on Saturday – a wonderful combination of dance, yoga, tai chi and stretching.

Walking shoes: On Friday, before we get going with registration, my good friend Kathryn Gohusky (CoachGro) has offered to take you on a walk in the mountains. This is an optional activity, but will be a great chance to connect with some of the ladies if you are able to make it. You will need comfy walking shoes, light jacket, hat, sun block and water bottle.

Details – approximately 1.5 hour easy walk, 12 noon – 1:30 pm. Meet in the lobby a few minutes before 12 o’clock.

ALTITUDE prep: please remember: we will be at 9600 feet! Staying hydrated is crucial. Limiting alcohol and caffeine before and during your stay is recommended. Please check out this article on altitude prep.

PARKING: Please park in the skier lot. This will be on your left hand side as you drive up the hill, just before the Beaver Run main entrance. You will receive a parking pass at registration.

FOOD: There will be plates of hors d’oeuvres each night, plus a picnic lunch on Saturday. Water, tea and coffee will be available.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone’s tastes as much as possible. Please bring snacks or drinks or whatever will help you nourish yourself during the weekend.